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A + A c (Italy)
A + A Concept Colour Trends (Italy)
A + A Knit to Wear (Italy)
A + A Men's Fashion Trends (Italy)
A + A Touch (Italy)
A + A Vision Print Trends (Italy)
A + A Women's Trends (Italy)
Anteprima Shoes Collezioni Trends (Italy)
Bebissimo (Germany)
Chiron Tendenze Intreccio (Italy)
Chiron Tendenze Ricerca (Italy)
European Color Summary (Germany)
Fashion Box Knitwear Men (Italy)
Fashion Box Knitwear Women (Italy)
Fashion Box T-Shirt (Italy)
Fashion Trends Forecast (United States)
Fashion Trends Sports & Leisurewear (Germany)
Here & There CD Collection (United States)
Here & There Color Cubicle (United States)
Here & There Fabric Package (United States)
Here & There Forecasting Package (United States)
Here & There Full Package + CD (United States)
Here & There Part I Fabrics (United States) Here & There Part II Silhouettes (United States) Here & There Reporting Package (United States) Huepoint Spring/Fall Color (United States) Huepoint Summer/Winter Color (United States) Huepoint Youth Spring/Fall Color (United States) I.C.A. Fashion Compendium Edition (United Kingdom) Infantimo (Italy)
International Color Authority (United Kingdom)
International Textiles (United Kingdom)
Kids Planet (Germany)
Kidz Trendbook (Switzerland)
Kjaer Global Influences (United Kingdom)
Kjaer Global Women's Antennae (High Street Report) (United Kingdom)
Kjaer Global Women's Trend & Concept (United Kingdom)
Knit! Alert (France)
Knit Point (Italy)
Milk (France)
Orrizonti Color (Italy)
Orrizonti Pui (Italy)
Pantone Color Guide (United States)
Pantone View Colour Planner (United States)
Promostyl (France)
Ready-Made Color The Mix Fashion (Germany)
Ready-Made Pattern (Germany)
Ready-Made Weaves (Germany)
Sacha Pacha Girls Junior Codes (France)
Sacha Pacha Men's Casual Outerwear (France)
Sacha Pacha Womens' Casual Outerwear (France)
Sacha Pacha Womens' Citywear (France)
Sacha Pacha Womenswear (France)
ShoePoint (Italy)
Texitura (Canada)
Textile Report (France)
ViewPoint (The Netherlands)
View Textile (The Netherlands)
WeAR (Germany)
WGSN (London, New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Frankfurt, Tokyo) Where to Wear Shopping Guide (London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco) Zoom on Fashion Trends (Italy)

Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry. .

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